"Reaching the unreachable and including the excluded."



"He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination. He will outdo them all." -Ephesians 4:20 PT

It started as a dream. A dream to see a dent in poverty. When we began an entrepreneurship program in the slums for mother's and families of the most vulnerable children, we did not in our wildest dreams think a small class in a mud hut would bring healing and restoration to the hearts of so many. Shortly after the start of our program, we quickly realized our growth was faster than our space. We have seen rapid growth in a way only Jesus can do and we are thrilled to finally bring YOU into this dream with us. Regraced was birthed from a place of "yes" in the hearts of countless friends who carried this dream with us. It was birthed from a place of seeing a need and refusing to stay neutral. Regraced is a program that empowers families as a whole by addressing the root cause of child poverty: parents. What if we could stop devastation before it began, would you act quickly? With our program, we disciple parents one on one and come alongside them in parenting their babies. Once we feel they are ready to move forward, we then enroll them in our entrepreneurship class and teach them hands on skills from professionals that are skilled in different specialties. We have seen families come back together as one, deep wounds heal, and hope arise.

We are inviting you into this dream with us, friends. Every item you purchase in the Regraced shop is custom made by our incredible team of moms in the Kibera slums. With each purchase you make, you are employing and empowering families and putting a stop to child poverty one purchase at a time. 


meet our moms

"Before Regraced program, life was very tough. We were eating one meal a day if we had food available..."

Many if not all of the mothers we employ through our program have struggled for years to provide basic nutritional meals for their families and children. Aside from enabling these families through a weekly salary, we partner with these families once a month through our regular feeding program. We provide basic meals with some of the ingredients listed below. It is because of your giving and generosity we are seeing a dent in child hunger..


Dengu beans

50 US Cents

Yellow beans

$1.20 USD

White rice

$1 USD

Red beans

$1.20 USD

Seasoned white rice 

$1.20 USD



3rd largest slum in the world.

Each one of our families that are employed through Regraced Project live in a local community known as Kibera. It holds a mass majority of the population of the capitol city of Kenya, Nairobi.