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We employ mothers from all walks of life. Our hearts are to see a radical change in the ongoing issue of child poverty. We have discovered that by starting in the home, we are seeing true change in the lives of our most vulnerable children.  


"Hello, my name is Eunice. I am a mother of 7 beautiful children. The Regraced team first meet my family when one of their founders Laura meet my son Aldrean by the roadside. Aldrean has severe scoliosis. That day, Aldrean came home and told me about this white lady he had meet. She came to our house for a visit shortly after. They asked me if they could take my son Aldrean to the hospital to see a specialist for his condition. He also battled a severe bacterial infection on both of his hips. Before Regraced team came, I tried everything to help my son heal, but nothing was working. 

Since that day, I now see a huge difference in my son's body. I am so grateful. Before this program, life was very tough. We were eating one meal a day if we had food available. Most days if we felt hungry, we would drink tea to try to ease our hunger. When Aldrean first started showing signs of scoliosis, we took him to many doctors. He suffered a lot over those years. At one point, whenever he went to urinate, he would urinate blood. My life as a child growing up was very difficult. We lived in the village. We could never afford school fees, so we would lie to our teachers and tell them we would have them soon. 

By the 7th grade, I had given up on my dream of having a future with my education. I decided I should just get married and then I would be taken care of. I was only 13 years old. I also had my first baby that same year.

Now I am a mom and I have a family. I do not want the same life for my children that I have had. My home is used as a bible study for the children of Regraced program. This bible study happens every week. Just with the bible study alone, I have seen such a difference in my children and home. They are learning so much."

- Mom Eunice


"My name is Lydia. I have 3 children and I am also a grandmother to 2. Geoffrey is my oldest child. He is severely autistic. I take him to a special needs school twice a week. After dropping Geoffrey off at school, I rush home to proceed with selling vegetables all day at my vegetable stand. I usually go back to pick him up before noon and by the time I drop Geoffrey off at home, I go back to work at my stand. Some nights I don't return until around 9 p.m. so I can make dinner for my family. This routine goes on and on.

Living with an autistic child is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you live in the slums. People will call you a witch, or the father of your children might leave you claiming that your side of the family is cursed.

As for my son, he was very aggressive growing up. Geoffrey is now 20 years old. Often times he would slap himself, cut up the mattress into pieces, or even pour water all over the house while i was gone to work. So i have been teaching him how to walk and function on his own, one step at a time.

Every time I leave Goeffrey at home alone while i sell vegetables, I worry about what he might be doing while i'm gone, but I still have to provide for my family.

Shortly after meeting the team of Regraced, they came to my home when i was in a lot of pain. I was struggling with ulcers and horrible back pain. They prayed over my pain. I felt something snap in my body and a wind blow through me. I asked myself, how could Jesus do this for me? 

I have a large family. Since this entrepreneurship program, I've been able to provide food for my family. Even foods we would never be able to afford before such as; fish, meats, etc.). I've also been able to buy better inventory for my vegetable stand which is also helping us survive."

- Mom Lydia

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