our moms

We employ mothers from all walks of life. Our hearts are to see a radical change in the ongoing issue of child poverty. We have discovered that by starting in the home, we are seeing true change in the lives of our most vulnerable children.  

Mom Eunice:

Mom Eunice is a mother to 7, but she cares for many. She is witty, full of grace, and quick to share her portion with anyone in need. She has a passion to one day become a hair stylist in her community and even open her own shop one day. Through Regraced Program, she is able to provide basic necessities for her children that were near to impossible to grasp before. Regraced Project first meet Mom Eunice after meeting her son Aldrean, who battles a severe spinal condition. It was through Regraced reaching out to her son that she was able to open her heart. 

Mom Gladys:

Mom Gladys is a mother to 2 little ones. She is the youngest mother in our program, yet she is a leader at its finest. She is quick to see a fellow classmate struggling, and always jumps in to lend a helping hand. Her deep passion is to one day run a successful business selling various types of vegetables. She is an entrepreneur, a mother, a wife, and a friend to many.


Mom Lydia Margaret:

Mom Lydia is a mother to 3 and a grandmother to 2 little ones. Her youngest son Geoffrey is severely autistic. She is the primary financial support of her entire family. When we first meet Mom Lydia, her children were sleeping on wooden planks and food was scarce. Most days she would carry her now teenage, autistic son on her back to get him to a school that would be most fitting to his needs. Their small house was being held up by thin wooden pegs and was near to falling over. Since coming into Regraced Programs entrepreneurship class for mothers, a lot has changed for Lydia. Her home has since been rebuilt with a much safer structure. She has also been able to save and invest into her own side business of selling bananas near her home and even pay school fees for her children.


Mom Mildred:

Mom Mildred is a single mother to 4 little ones. When we first meet Mildred, she had just given birth to her 4th baby, sweet Miriam. Miriam was born with severe clubbed feet and had undergone harsh treatment and surgery on both of her legs. Mildred's husband had just previously passed away only a few months before. It was an incredibly difficult time for the family. Since then, Mom Mildred has joined Regraced Program and so much has changed for not only her life, but also for the lives of her children. For the first time in a long time, she is able to live independently and support her family. Mildred has a dream to one day open a small grocery store.


Mom Rose:

Mom Rose is a single mother to 2. A little over a year ago, her oldest son was in a horrible motor vehicle accident, leaving him with lasting injuries. He was forced to drop out of school due to the accident. Life since then has been extremely difficult. Regraced Project meet Mom Rose through her youngest son, Hezron. We meet Hezron hustling on the bustling streets of Nairobi for some spare change in stand still traffic. He shared with us the struggles of this life on the streets and that on a good day he came home with 50 US cents to help his mother buy food for their family. Hezron is only 13 years old. Since joining Regraced Program, Mom Rose has been able to buy the basic necessities for her family that were so hard to provide before, but most importantly Mom Rose has experienced the love of the Father.


Mom Dolphine:

Mom Dolphine is a mother to 4. She is the newest member of our entrepreneurship class. Her soft and kind spirit brings a light to any room. Her husband was in a severe motorcycle accident several years ago, which has left her as the primary supporter of her family. She has worked tirelessly to provide for her family by running a small roadside vegetable stand, but at most she would bring home $5 a week. We are excited to see Jesus show up in her life in this new season He is bringing her into. This is only the beginning of her fresh start.